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  ERASMUS plus - SP6 im. Jana Pawła II w Sanoku...





Na początku grudnia w naszej szkole odbyły się warsztaty rękodzielnicze z MAKRAMY, w ramach projektu ERASMUS+ "Poznaję Świat - Poznaję Siebie". W zajęciach brały udział uczennice klas 5a i 5b.

Makrama to technika plecenia sznurków. Za pomocą kilku węzłów i wyobraźni można wyczarować piękną ozdobę.

Dziewczynki poznały podstawowe węzły niezbędne do wykonania makramy. Każda z uczestniczek stworzyła w ciągu dwóch godzin makramę ścienną. Tak jak każda ręczna robota, tak i technika wiązania węzłów wymaga cierpliwości i dokładności. Tej niezwykłej techniki uczniowie uczyli się pod nadzorem p. Joanny Dyląg i p. Edyty Podstawskiej.

Poprzez warsztaty chcemy zaszczepić zamiłowanie do twórczości oraz rozwijać talenty i kreatywne myślenie wśród uczniów.


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In November “ŚWIETLICZAKI” (pupils from club classes) got to know the legends about Sanok and the surrounding area, thus engaging in the project "History hidden in legends" from the ERASMUS + project.

Students learnt about the history of "Bad Bies and his Chads" and "Brave San". They also heard a tale of Queen Bona and the wonderful water from Sanok, and also learnt how Lesko (small town near Sanok) was founded and where its name comes from.

During the classes, beautiful artistic works illustrating known legends were created.

At the end and summary of this project, with the help of tutors, they organized a photo studio in the common room. They were dressing up and posing for photos. The goal of the whole fun was to create photos illustrating the known Bieszczady legends: "The legend of the wonderful water from Sanok", "Bies, Chad and San" and "Ghost ball".

The photographs were attached to the presentation summarizing the club project „History hidden in legends” from the ERASMUS + project.


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In connection with the Erasmus+ "Know the world - Know yourself", an art competition for the project's LOGO was held in our school.

The art works were presented and then the jury selected the winner. 

The first place and at the same time participation in global voting got the work done by Gabriela Pastuszak.  

We are saying thanks to all participants for ideas and we congratulated the winner and we wish a success in the next level of competition.


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One of the activities that will be carried out during the project called “Know the world, know yourself” is an interchange of letters between three different schools that belong to three different countries. This activity has a substantial number of benefits for the students:

- To share knowledge, culture and values.
- To develop writing skills.
- To discover other lifestyles in other countries.
- To develop a sense of belonging.
- To develop the learning to learn competence.

The Spanish students are very motivated and so thankful for the gifts they have received from the Polish school.


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6 | Fourth day of visit - CORRESPONDENCE CLUB...

The fourth day of the visit for guests was the last day of their stay in Sanok.  

The representatives from Italian schools left Sanok early in the morning but the French and Spanish teachers schedule of leaving gave us the opportunity for another day together, this time an unofficial meeting within the walls of our school.

In connection with the fact, the PENPAL CLUB applies its work and the guardian of French students Mrs. Christelle visited our school in connection with the Erasmus+ program and she could personally meet students of class 5a, 6b and 7. The meeting was watched by Mr. Jose and Mrs. Luzma from Spain, who joined the PENPAL CLUB with great enthusiasm and started Polish-French-Spanish cooperation.

The initiator of the event was Mrs. Gertruda Lubieniecka Jakiel and Mrs. Agnes Mandzelowska.

After a short presentation of guests and their cities and countries, students asked questions in English about schools in France and Spain. Our guests were delighted with the openness and interest of students. Students from France gave special cookies in a box from Brittany, the region in France, where the school is located. We gave Polish fudges "Krówka" and marshmallows "Ptasie Mleczko" to friends from the CLUB. We've also gave written letters.

Next, our guests visited the school Scouts’ Hut and had a conversation with the chief of scouts in school Maryla Kurkarewicz. It turned out that the Spanish and French schools also organize Scout groups.  Robert Baden-Powell - the Chief Scout of the World is known to all people involved in scouting around the world.

With this nice accent we said goodbye to our guests and we look forward to the next visits as well as for letters and post cards from friends.


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5 | Third day of visit of guests from Spain, France and Italy...


The third day of the visit to the Polish school started with a meeting of the project team, during which the rules of the visit to the French school were discussed, as well as the ways of communication between the partners between the meetings.

Next, teachers from partner schools took part in a lesson conducted by Sabina Kurasik in class 1a and robotics classes conducted by Wacław Bojarski in class 5a.

After the lessons, in the gymnasium a competition for the Foreign Languages Day was held, organized by Ewelina Krawiec and Karolina Serafin. The representatives of classes 5-8 took part in a quiz on the knowledge of languages and culture of European countries. The students also presented an interesting artistic programme in various languages: English, Italian and French. There was also a short theatrical performance in English telling a legend about the Wawel Dragon. The performance was prepared by Renata Handermander, Agnieszka Mandzelowska and Gertruda Lubieniecka-Jakiel.

After the classes, the teachers had the opportunity to visit the Historical Museum in Sanok.


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4 | The second day of the visit of guests from Spain, France and Italy...


The next day of the visit began with a meeting of the project team, during which the participants discussed the implementation of project tasks planned for the 2019/2020 school year. Another point of discussion was the ways of publication and proof of activities which would be done during the project “Know the world-know yourself”. The website of the project was presented during the meeting. The internet page was done by Mr. Wacław Bojarski, written in a Polish and translated into an English version. Teachers from Spain proposed to create a similar page in partners’ languages which are Spanish, French and Italian.

Then all guests attended the "First Grade Oath Ceremony".  After a beautiful artistic part, the headmistress Barbara Zdybek together with representatives of partner schools made each child the official student of the school.

Another element of the school visit was observation of lessons in class 2 and participation in "Mathematical competition" prepared by Mrs. Mariola Bodnar.  Our guests also visited class 6a during English lesson led by Mrs. Ewelina Krawiec.

In the afternoon there was a meeting with the Mayor of Sanok Mr. Tomasz Matuszewski, during which school guests had the opportunity to present their institutions and talk about the implemented project.


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3 | The first day of the visit of guests from Spain, France and Italy...


On November 5th, 2019, the meeting with partner's schools participating in the Erasmus+ project  "Know the world - know yourself “ began.

Meeting with the principal - Mrs. Barbara Zdybek and visiting the school was the first point of this visit. Foreign teachers had the opportunity to know about the school's base and its organizational principles. It was also time for short conversations with students.

The teachers were especially excited because of the youngest children from kindergarten. The children under the care of Mrs. Małgorzata Poziomkowska prepared a short greeting in Spanish.

The next point of the visit was meeting with all teachers involved in the project, while we planned work for the 2019/2020 school year as well as the principles of running the website and we also discussed principles of implementing subsequent tasks.

Then the teachers observed a Physical Education lesson in class 4a led by Mrs. Kamila Mika and Mr. Maciej Kaczmarski, club classes led by Mrs. Marzena Sumara and a Maths lesson conducted in class 6a by Mrs. Ewa Zagórska.

In the afternoon, project participants met with the Teaching Staff. The main topic of the meeting was the presentation of the partner's schools. Each of the partners prepared a multimedia presentation of his school, told about the principles of organization of the institution, the type of tasks carried out and about the problems and possibilities of the school.

Finally, our school showed a PP presentation about rules for teaching students with special educational needs in Poland.


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2 | The youngest welcome guests in SPANISH...

Children from the Kindergarten prepared the welcome in Spanish for guests from other countries participating in the ERASMUS+ program - “Buenos dias. Tenemos seis anos y somos los estudiantes mas jovenes de toda la escuela. Bienvenidos a Sanok” (Good morning. We are six years old and the youngest students in the whole school. Welcome to Sanok).

We were helped by Mr. Antxoka Jauregui Zabala, a Spanish man living in our district.

The teacher and children thank Mr. Antxoka for his help.


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1 | ERASMUS+ in SP6 - "Know The World - Know Yourself"...

We are very happy to inform that our school is involved in very prestige program in the European Union called ERASMUS +.  The name of the project is “KNOW THE WORLD – KNOW YOURSELF”. There are 5 European schools participating in the project:

--- Elementary School nr 6 in Sanok, Poland (coordinator),
--- Ecole Marcel Aymé in Milizac, France
--- Colegio Salesianos "San Juan Bosco" in Puertollano, Spain
--- Istituto Comprensivo "Giuseppe Grassa" in Mazara del Vallo, Italy
--- Istituto Comprensivo “S. d’Acquisto” in Gaggio Montano, Italy

The aim of the project “KNOW THE WORLD – KNOW YOURSELF” is increasing students' motivation in school. Scheduled tasks are very diverse. They relate to: history, art, nature, improving knowledge of foreign languages ​​and information techniques. The students from countries such as Poland, France, Spain and Italy will learn about their talents and interests, develop them and discuss them with peers from other European countries. Project tasks will be implemented via a group work method.  The students will improve in skills such as cooperation, planning, taking action and mutual communication. It will be a modern, attractive and very motivating form of work, serving primarily the development of students and the school.

!!!  With great enthusiasm, eager and full of ideas, we have started working in the Erasmus+ program  !!!


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